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Garden Design

Whether you are seeking a revival of your existing garden, have a blank canvas or require a complete transformation, I pride myself in creating beautiful, functional and low maintenance designs.  I can advise you on all the elements of your garden design, from material types and lighting to outdoor living areas and the best plants to suit the soil and aspect of your garden.

I offer the following services in relation to your garden.  You may only require one of these or all of them.  I am more than happy to help and advise on what services you may need as well as explain the design process.


The first step is a free no obligation chat to discuss your project either by contacting me on 07765 884346 or via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

1. Site Visit

I will visit your garden on a date and time that suits you.  During this garden design consultation meeting I will listen carefully to your ideas and together we will explore how you would like to use your garden and the particular style or feel you would like to create.  If you have any images of gardens, textures or planting styles that you would like considered in the design, now is the perfect time to show me.  I will bring along my portfolio and explain the garden design process to you, so you have a full understanding of the different stages involved.

During the garden design consultation meeting I will walk around your garden and assess it from a design perspective -  looking at the possibilities and limitations of the site, considering the views, aspect, levels, soil structure and access.        I will take photographs and if necessary I will take some measurements. Following the meeting I will draft a few bullet points summarising our discussions along with a quote for the design services required.

2. Design and Presentation

I will prepare a layout plan based on what we discussed at the site visit.  This will be accompanied with a package showing suggested elements for the garden, materials and planting themes.

This plan will show the outline design of the garden including the position of any existing or new trees and give a general idea of planting areas.  I also provide sections and/or sketches of the garden to help you visualise the new space.

We will only proceed to the next stage when you are happy with the garden layout plan.

The cost for this service depends on the size and complexity of your garden, but typically starts at £750 for a small garden.

Click on the image below to see an example of a typical garden design package:

Gdn Design Package cover.jpg

3. Construction Drawings and Specifications

This stage is very important as it creates the details of the design necessary to accurately cost and build the garden according to the intended design.

I work with you to select the materials for your garden - ones that work with the design and also the materials of the house and/or any buildings in the garden.

I will then provide a layout plan, a setting out plan, construction drawings for elements of the design and a schedule of works which states each material/build element, measurements and standards of construction.

The cost for this service depends on the size and complexity of your garden, but typically starts at £350 for a small garden.

Click on the image below to see an example of a typical tender package:

Detail Des Layout.jpg

4. Tendering and Project Monitoring

I can recommend and can request on your behalf a quote from highly skilled landscape contractors to build your garden.  If you prefer, I can oversee a tender process for the build of your garden.  With a keen eye for detail and experience in overseeing projects, I will monitor the build of the garden on your behalf and work with the contractors to progress your garden design smoothly.

At a minimum, I will attend site visits at the start of the build, at least once a week during the build, and at the end of the build with you for final sign off.

The cost for this service depends on the size and complexity of your garden, but typically starts at £300 for a small garden.

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-21 at 10_edited.j

5. Planting Plans and Planting

Plants can completely transform the whole mood and atmosphere of the garden.  I will spend time with you working out exactly what you like or don't like, and design a planting scheme for your new garden using plants that suit your gardens soil type and environmental conditions.

I can source high quality plants from nurseries, lay them out according to the plan for you to plant them, or if you prefer, I can arrange planting them for you.

The cost of a Planting Plan depends on the size of the areas that require planting, but typically starts at £250 for a small garden.

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