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Planting Design

Whether your garden borders are a blank canvas or you require the revitalisation of a planting bed within your garden, I can help bring your garden to life. Plants can completely transform the whole mood and atmosphere of a garden.  Designing a planting scheme is about horticultural knowledge combined with flair to create a tapestry of layers, textures and colours in your garden that will also provide year round seasonal interest.

I have been working with plants for 20+ years and over that time I've developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise about which plants work well together and where, when they need to be planted and how they will grow.  I specialise in designing borders that are low maintenance.


I will spend time with you working out exactly what you like and don't like.  The plants I select will take into account:

     -  Soil type and aspect of your garden

     -  What plants will suit the conditions of your garden and thrive

     -  The colour palette, which colours you particularly love

     -  The style of your garden

     -  The maintenance of your garden, who is going to care for it and how much time will be dedicated to this


A scaled plan will be created showing trees, hedges and structural planting.  It will also show the position of each plan with clear labelling in Latin plus the quantities.

The planting plan also comes with a detailed planting schedule.  Every species of plant is listed in alphabetical order with quantity, pot size and specification.  The planting design package will allow you to go to a plant nursery, purchase and install the planting yourself or if you prefer, I can source high quality plants from trade nurseries I use, lay them out according to the plan for you to plant them, or if you prefer, I can arrange planting them for you.

The cost of a Planting Plan depends on the size of the areas that require planting.  An overall garden planting plan typically starts at £250 for a small garden. 
The first step is a free no obligation chat to discuss your project either by contacting me on 07765 884346 or via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Planting Plan

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Please contact me for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your project.

30 Laurel Drive, Laurelvale, Tandragee

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